Desire an Animal Psychic Reading and Physical and Emotional Healing for Your Pet?

Schedule an animal psychic reading session and also benefit from a healing for you and your pet.

Helene will have a conversation with your pet out loud so that you will hear everything that is happening during the dialogue between Helene and your pet.

For many years, Helene has been offering telephone animal readings and healings with dogs, cats, horses, birds, bunnies, etc. She is beyond a psychic, because she can also offer energy and emotional healing. With a background in science, she can even telepathically scan their bodies.

“It is a joy to communicate lovingly and clearly with animals and find out what is bothering them physically and emotionally, so that we can help them heal, prevent problems and feel good.” Helene

After Helene completes an animal psychic reading and healing, clients report feeling so much better and grateful, not only for the information but also for the healing.

If you would like help to communicate with your precious pet, or are concerned about their health or behavior, and want to help them with any physical or emotional problem…

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Choose from 2 animal psychic readings:

60 Minute Reading
30 Minute Reading

“Helene applies her same intuitive, compassionate approach in working with animals that she uses with humans. It is amazing to watch the  animals’ eyes light up when she speaks with them and to chart their  progress afterwards. My animals have been helped tremendously by Helene’s readings and healings.” Cindy, Virginia