Arcturians (ETs) Cosmic Doctors of the Universe

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Arcturians (ETS): Cosmic Doctors

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Benefit from a close encounter of the most healing kind with Arcturian Ambassador, channel, Helene Rothschild.

Experience profound channeled messages, high vibration tones and the Universal Language of the Light that help you quickly heal your body and be all that you are. The all loving, evolved ETs are from Arcturus, the 4th brightest star in our galaxy. Helene is the author of: “The Arcturians Speak! My Life with Loving ETs.”

The Universal Language of the Light that speaks to your cell memories is not something you can learn, but you can be activated to remember. In this transformational, enlightening workshop, the Arcturians will assist you to bring through these high vibration healing sounds and energy, so that you can awaken the healer within and help others and yourself.

The Arcturians are from the star Arcturus on the 5th dimension (all loving) and are the most evolved ETs. They are here to assist us to heal our bodies and be all that we are. They have been helping Helene and many others through her since 1992.

Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT, is a Marriage, Family Therapist, intuitive counselor, spiritual healer and teacher, best selling author, sound healer, channel, and psychic. Helene channeled the “Healing Sounds from Arcturus” CD with internationally known Steven Halpern. Note her video, CDs and books on:


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