Channeled Group & Individual Readings/Healings


To be announced.

$25 ($30 at the door)

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Fun, Profound & Transformational

 Cosmic Channeled Group and Individual Readings/Healings

To be announced.

Benefit now from readings and rapid emotional and physical healings!
Helene will begin by offering readings and healings. Then she will channel beings from the light who will share their profound love, wisdom, and sound and energy healings. They include: Sananda, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, and the Arcturians who are “Cosmic Doctors of the Universe”.

“After Helene’s channeling event, I noticed an immediate shift in my energy. I felt more confident and empowered. I also experienced quick successes in my life that I had been wishing to accomplish, and new ideas came to me. I saw colors in the environment more vividly, and I felt alive, vibrant, positive and loving! Thank you, Helene!”
Bhavana Chawla

The unlimited, transformational healings can help you resolve physical and emotional problems, and awaken you to who you are. You will also receive invaluable group support. Each event will be unique, as Helene will channel whoever wants to come through.

“Helene energetically pulled a knife out of my back and the 20 year mysterious pain that baffled doctors disappeared.” K.C., CA

“This experience was far beyond any I have ever had in my over 30 years of healing for myself and was done instantaneously! The love that was given is beyond words.” Cynthia Makhoul, CA

Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT, intuitive counselor, author, speaker, channel, psychic, spiritual teacher/healer has been helping people heal themselves for 30 years. As an Angel on Call, she goes where God sends her to serve. She offers in-person and international telephone sessions.

These are very popular events and space is limited, so register  now!

Your investment in your transformation is only $25, $30 at the door.

IntraHealth, 21020 Homestead Road, Suite 2, Cupertino, CA 95014

Refund Policy: If you contact Helene 48 hours before the event, and no one was turned away, you will receive a credit for another event.


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