Meet & Channel Your Angelic Guides


Friday, Jan. 17, 2020, 7:30-9:00PM, San Jose

$15 ($20 at the door)


Enhance Your Intuition and Be the Master of Your Life

In this fun, transformational, enlightening event, Helene Rothschild will first channel one of her guides from the light (Mother Mary, Sananda, Arcturians, Archangel Michael, or St. Germain), and offer readings. She will then assist you to overcome fears of opening to your intuition from present and past lives, so that you can easily connect with your angelic guides.

Then Helene will teach you the five tests to make sure your guide is from the light, so that you can safely meet and channel your angelic beings whenever you desire divine guidance. You will also learn the important clearing and protection process, the different dimensions, the four ways to connect with your intuition, and much more invaluable information.

Expect to find out how to easily receive your wisdom, and enhance your intuition and spirituality. Be prepared for a healing, cosmic, empowering experience. ** Bring a large pad and pen with 5 questions to ask the guides.

“I loved the way Helene taught me how to channel. She helped me have a much clearer and more stable communication with the guides.” M.T.

Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT, holistic intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher/healer, speaker, author, has been channeling since 1987. The enlightening experiences have transformed her life and she has assisted many people to do the same.

She is the author of numerous books, including Angel on Call, Pathways to Love and Enlightenment. One of the chapters is, “Channeling: An Ecstatic Experience.”
You may purchase the book or CD at the workshop or on the spiritual home page.

This is a very popular event, so pre-register now

Location: Community of Infinite Spirit, 1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125


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