HART 6 Teleclass – How to Heal Your Body


Find out what your body is telling you and the emotional causes of disease and accidents. Then be guided through processes to help you prevent illness and heal your body. Instant .mp3 download.




Ready to actualize the positive Law of Attraction? Benefit from Helene Rothschild’s transformational one hour teleclasses which are invaluable for your growth and healing, and worth thousands of dollars of therapy, workshops, and classes.
F R E E! Sample HART Teleclass , March 6, 2008
Helene Rothschild will explain the HART basic principles and why it is so quick and transformational.

HART (Holistic And Rapid Transformation) Teleclasses.
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“All You Need Is HART! Create Love, Joy and Abundance ~ NOW!”

“Thank you again for tonight’s teleclass. Your comments were very helpful and I so appreciate your healing words and energy! I am looking forward to the next call and will continue to read your wonderful book, All You Need is HART!” Marianne, Indiana “The HART teleclass was awesome, thanks so much!” Francine, NM


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