Cosmic Doctors: Arcturians’ Sound & Energy Healing


Friday, February 28, 7:30-9PM

$20 ($25 at the door)

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First 5 people who register here will receive a personal Arcturian healing.

Benefit from a close encounter of the most healing kind with
Arcturian Ambassador, Channel Helene Rothschild

“Helene’s humor, warmth, wisdom, and sincerity make for an evening of endless fascination and learning.” Simone

Join our fun and profound cosmic workshop and experience:

* A cellular healing from the Universal Language of the Light.

* An activation to remember and channel this high vibration healing language to help others and yourself.

* A profound healing on the Arcturian ship — an out of this world experience!

The Arcturians are from the star Arcturus on the 5th dimension (all loving) and are the most evolved ETS. They are here to assist us to heal our bodies and be all that we are. They have been helping Helene and many others through her since 1992.

Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, is an intuitive counselor, spiritual healer/teacher, best selling author, sound and energy healer, channel, and psychic. She recorded a CD with Steven Halpern,“Healing Sounds from Arcturus” and wrote the book, The Arcturians Speak! My Life With Loving ETs.

Your Investment in your healing is only: $20 ($25 at the door)

Space is limited. Register here now.
Or call Helene at: 1-888-639-6390

Location: Community of Infinite Spirit, 1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, 95125





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