The Arcturians Speak: MY LIfe With loving ETs

A Heart Opening True Story About Trust
by Helene Rothschild

(Excerpts from the book and e-book)

“Dear one, write a book about your experiences with us. We want you to help us to be known as loving ETS with the purest intent to serve earthlings for the good of all,” said the Arcturians.” This telepathic message came as a surprise, during one of my morning meditations, from my Extraterrestrial Guides from the light–from the star Arcturus.

During the past seven incredible years the Arcturians deep love, wisdom and healing gifts have changed my life. I am very grateful for the twenty-four hour a day divine services and magical healings that they offer freely to me personally and to anyone I am with.

This is not just a true story about me. It is an inspirational story to assist us all to feel empowered, to be courageous and to become more of the divine, loving, spiritual beings that we are. It helps us re-own our faith and trust in ourselves as well as other beings whether or not they are in physical bodies. The book serves as a constant reminder to trust our intuition and our own divine guidance and wisdom.

All the wonderful experiences I have had with the Arcturians have reassured me that my mission is possible. I have more confidence and faith that I have all the help I need from this earth plane and above. However, I do need to continue to overcome any fears that block me, to listen to and follow my intuition, and to be patient and trust–since everything flows in divine time.

I am totally committed to actualizing my true self, my divine spirit, on this magnificent planet earth–to follow my spirit with no hesitation. I realize that I am a spiritual being who chose to be here to have a human experience. I am now ready to walk forward into the unknown with ease, grace, love and light because I trust that my spirit knows the future.

And now it is time for the Arcturians to speak and to share their wisdom and their divine love and light.

“Greetings, dear one, we are the Arcturians. We are from the fifth dimension and we are of the light. We are very grateful and honored to be with you now and to serve you.”

“We work in conjunction with many other light beings. We are like one NATO with many different beings from the light serving together as a cosmic team. We come from many universes and galaxies. In this one united force we keep peace on planet earth and we keep peace in the universe.”

“We have many, many ships in your sky. You cannot all see them, although some of you do. We can choose for you to see our ships or not, because we have the ability, as you do also when you are on other planes, to dematerialize and materialize at the blink of an eye. We will be coming here in great masses to help you remember who you are. We are not here to scare you as some of the movies are expressing. We are here to help you–to serve you.”

“You are never alone. There are many beings on this planet you can call your sisters and brothers as you are all one family. You can also call on us beings from the stars. We are your family too. We are all brothers and sisters of the divine source. So therefore, we are all part of the divine source; every single one of you, no matter what you have done.”

“We are always calling you, dear one, but you need to pick up the receiver. God, all the angels and archangels and ETS from the light are always calling you. You are never alone. Pick up the receiver, dear one. Tune into your intuition; open up to divine guidance. Open up to divine love and wisdom and you shall be healthy, prosperous, and truly alive and live in love. We wish you all that we wish ourselves and everyone, that is nothing but divine love, divine light, divine peace and joy. Thank you for allowing us to share this with you.”

“Namaste!” (We honor the God/Goddess in you!)

©2005 by Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, speaker, author, channel.